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Top 5 Best Racing Games For PC

Top 5 Best Racing Games For PC

Thanks to the amazing advancements in technology, you too can now be an expert at racing games. As a matter of fact, there are now world renowned racing games competitions held regularly, with the most famous competitions coming in the high speed car racing category. All you have to do is simply download your favorite racing game and start having fun. There is no doubt that you will have fun if you play the game well. Here are a few factors that you should consider when looking for the best racing game online.

The first thing you need to consider is whether your chosen racing games are for single players or multi player. The choice is simple; there are either single player sim racing games or multi-player game systems. If your system can support it, then go in for a multiplayer system as it offers you the scope to connect to other players through the Internet. However, if you play on your own, then single player option would be better.

The next factor that you need to check is whether you are playing with a mouse or a joystick. Traditional steering wheels are quite cumbersome in modern games and are pretty uncomfortable to use. On the other hand, today many racing games come with steering wheels that are completely wireless so you don’t have to grip so hard with your hands.

Next, you should decide what kind of racing games you are looking for. There is classic car racing, which is one of the most popular categories of racing games. You can either choose from several classic cars like the Jaguar E 401 and F 15 set up by famous car manufacturers such as Ferrari and Lamborghini. Some of the famous tracks that you can get to in this category include Brands Hatch, Suzuka Circuit, Monza, Monmouth Oval, Spa Catalina, Nurburgring, Ooty etc.

For kids, there is an all new selection of games called kids racing games. These are specially designed for younger children who are interested in racing but don’t know exactly how it is done. There are also versions for girls as well as boys. All these are available both online and in dedicated racing game console format.

Dirt Rally 2 is another interesting racing game that you can play. This is another PC game where you drive a car and perform tricks on a virtual track to win. This version has been inspired by the famous TV show of the same name. The best thing about this driving game is that you not only enjoy the driving experience, but also get to learn new driving techniques. You can improve your driving skills with practice.

Another very popular racing game is racing. You can either participate in the track rally competitions or take part in driving games that are provided for the sole purpose of racing. In iracing you drive a fast car or you can choose from a variety of other available cars. The interesting part of this game is that it lets you practice different strategies and techniques for driving. This way you will get to learn how to handle different types of vehicles and how to control them on the tracks.

If racing games are your thing, then you will certainly enjoy the San Franciscocade series. This is a completely thrilling racing game that you play as either a solo player or as part of a team. There are many versions of this game available both online and on dedicated gaming consoles. In fact, there are even versions for phones.



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